Welcome Phantom Phans!

(Photo Jan Jacobs)

House of Phantoms is proud to bring you the best in high quality F-4 Phantom details, design and graphics including books, scale drawings, decals sets and resin accessories. With over 12 years of military service, several decades of aviation knowledge and an exacting eye for accuracy, Andreas Klein is dedicated to sharing his Phantom passion with you. Along with his expert team, they bring you in-depth research and comprehensive inside knowledge for specialist model makers, historians, collectors and every Phantom ‘Phan’.


What's New?

•    Recently released our first decal sheet in a series of USAF(E) related topics, the HoPD 48001 deals with the F-4Cs of the 58th TFTW at Luke AFB. Of course we have included all the striped "Candy Cane" F-4s and many other line aircraft from the 310th, 311th, 426th and 550th TFTS. The decal is designed to fit the phantastic Zoukei-Mura F-4C kit SWS No. 6. For the future we are planning to release a slightly revised version of this decal in 1/72 and 1/32 scales.

•    The next new decal in this range will feature full stencils for the "hard-wing" unslatted F-4s, including the F-4C/D/E and RF-4C in black and white for the SEA-camouflage, to be released in all three scales.

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